Administrative Emergency Withdrawals

It is always KSU's goal that students guide their own educational process, and when difficulties arise along the way we are here to help. When students experience medical or psychological emergencies that impede their ability to successfully remain enrolled at KSU, an administrative withdrawal can help students focus on healing without harming their academic record.

Students should always consult the catalog and appropriate office websites for full policies and procedures that might otherwise impact them before pursuing an administrative withdrawal. Review the documents below thoroughly. If you have questions or need more information after reviewing all documents, contact the Office of the Dean of Students at or call 470-578-6367.

**July 6, 2020 is the Summer deadline for Administrative Emergency Withdrawal**

Directions for completing form:

Select Medical Withdrawal or Re-Entry for Report Types and complete all the necessary fields below:

Submit Administrative Emergency Withdrawals here

Students are encouraged to submit requests immediately after the need arises for an Administrative Emergency Withdrawal to allow the Office of the Dean of Students to assist with any communication and coordination needs. Please note that Administrative Emergency Withdrawal requests are not finalized by the review committee until after the submission deadline, but early submission allows us to ensure we have received all of the documentation needed to best support the request.  It is highly recommended that students self-withdraw online through Owl Express prior to the drop/add deadline.  After that deadline, should the need arise, students should still self-withdraw, stop attending classes, and if approved all grades are issued as "W" regardless of date of withdrawal.  If a request cannot be approved or is submitted after the deadline, another option is to submit an Academic Standing Appeal through the Registrar's office.  Details are available online at:

Requests should always be submitted as soon after the emergency as possible. Notify the Office of the Dean of Students of all emergencies ideally within 72 hours. Do not wait until the deadline to submit issues that arise earlier in the term.

After the deadline the only options are Incompletes from professors (if eligible) or appeals to the Academic Standing Committee.