Voter Registration and Education

One of our most important civic rights and responsibilities as a member of a democratic society is active and informed voting.  At KSU, we are committed to engaging every member of our community in civic learning and active voter participation for all who are eligible.  Through the Office of the Dean of Students, we coordinate nonpartisan efforts to make local voter registration and participation as easy as possible.  Even for students who are already registered at a home address, there are many advantages to registering locally and getting involved in our greater Kennesaw and Cobb County community.

One great tool available to KSU students and employees is called Turbo Vote!   This simple online site can help you register to vote, update your address if you move or want to register to vote locally, receive absentee ballots and vote by mail if where you vote is too far away, and receive email and/or text reminders about upcoming elections so you’ll never miss another election day!

Click on the link below to get started:

Another incredible resource is the Georgia My Voter Page.  From this website you can check on your voter registration status, determine your polling location, details about upcoming elections and sample ballots, and verify any personal information.

You can also register to vote on campus by visiting the Office of the Dean of Students in the Carmichael Student Center, 2nd floor room 274.  

Interested in helping with our efforts or sponsoring a voter registration drive on campus?  Contact the Dean of Students at


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