American Democracy Project

American Democracy Project logoKSU is proud to be one of the founding institutions of the American Democracy Project. Now at more than 240 campuses, ADP strives to prepare students to be informed, engaged citizens who are active participants in democratic decision-making. At KSU, ADP plans and implements the annual Constitution Week festivities, Pathways to Peace lecture series, and a variety of events, activities, and advocacy opportunities. ADP also sponsors the New York Times readership program for KSU. University College serves as ADP's home on the campus.


  • Constitution Week is an annual KSU observance to commemorate the adoption of the United States Constitution. Each educational institution in the United States that receives federal funding must observe Constitution Day, September 17. For many years, however, KSU has scheduled a full week of events to commemorate the Constitution’s historical relevance, its integral role in our democracy today, and its future impact. This year’s Constitution Week was celebrated Sept. 17-20 with a variety of speakers and voter registration activities.

    Congress, by joint resolution, designated September 17 as Constitution Day and Citizenship Day. It was officially enacted by President Dwight D. Eisenhower on August 2, 1956. Constitution Week at KSU has since flourished as a means to promote study and education about the Constitution, originally adopted on September 17, 1787. Additionally, Constitution Week is utilized on our campus to promote civic values, civic life, and the development of an engaged citizenry.

  • Global Challenges logo

    The American Association of State Colleges and Universities, originally in collaboration with the Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS) and the New York Times, launched the Global Engagement initiative in 2006 to promote the CSIS “7 Revolutions” framework into college courses and co-curricular activities. The goal was to promote long-term thinking among college students, who will be the community, corporate, and governmental leaders in 25 years.

    KSU is one of 11 institutions with an (AASCU) Global Engagement Scholar and one of the institutions that first developed curriculum to incorporate the 7 Revolutions framework. KSU 1111, Tomorrow’s World Today, is a first-year seminar with a global focus. The honors program has also offered a colloquium based on the Global Engagement framework.

    In 2012, AASCU changed the name of the initiative to Global Engagement and created a blended learning course known as Global Challenges. KSU faculty provided content for the course and the new eBook that will be published under the same name. The university is proud of its affiliations with AASCU, CSIS, the New York Times, and the 10 sister institutions that are working collaboratively to promote global engagement in classrooms across the country.

  • Pathways to Peace is an annual celebration promoting discourse on activities that significantly and meaningfully impact lasting peace across the globe. In addition to the participation of campus and community groups that seek to advance a more just world, an internationally renowned speaker is invited to serve as an inspirational model of success.

    Pathways to Peace is a collaboration between the Coles College of Business, the Peace Studies Program in the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies, University College, and the American Democracy Project that is supported by the President’s Office, Academic Affairs, and every academic college at KSU.

    Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Nicholas Kristof (2011), Nobel Laureate Jody Williams (2012) and acclaimed social activist and founder Jessica Jackley (2013) have served as the keynote speakers for Pathways to Peace. The 2014 event, which was held March 5, featured nationally acclaimed educator and World Peace Game inventor Dr. John Hunter. Pathways to Peace events are open to KSU students, faculty, staff, and community members.

  • KSU's American Democracy Project co-sponsors a variety of events and activities with groups across campus. In 2014, ADP has co-sponsored the "Inequality for All" film screening, the lecture by civil rights icon Mandy Carter, and the KSU Day of Service.
  • KSU faculty, staff, and students can gain free access to the New York Times website for 24 consecutive hours by clicking on the link below. This is one of the many benefits of the Times readership program.

    New York Times EDU Pass